Welcome to your practice. Learn about and appreciate the tools, twists and maps you have from yoga and see.Celebrate the journey and all the experiences on the way.

Dive in deep to cultivate creativity and awareness.

Join us for a journey into the 8 limbs of yoga, or as you will see it:  the eight limbs of life.


The eight limbs of yoga come from Patanajali’s Yoga Sutras which describes the architecture of a meaningful and consequential life as having eight parts: Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. They can be utilized together or separately as part of our path as yogis.  Most yoga students are familiar with the asanas (poses) and/or practice pranayama (breathing exercises). But the depth of the practice outside of these two limbs is vast and often we encounter one of the other limbs when we are off our mats and in our daily lives. We strive to teach those who are unfamiliar with or refresh those that are versed in the eight limbs, their meanings, and their uses to help us cultivate these practices every day. Our hope is that our journey will show you that the eight limbs can be found not only when you are in a yoga practice/class but also when you go about your daily life off the mat.

This series will offer a lens through which you will explore the eight limbs of yoga and how they form the path that you call “life.”  Through prompts, daily inspirations, wisdom and a shared sangha, you will gain an appreciation of yoga that extends far beyond the boundaries of your mat.

The online course is currently closed, but stay tuned for exciting eight limb life trainings, books and oracle cards to come. 


Here is what a previous participant has to say:
Lauren T., participant 2015

“I really loved my Yoga Teacher Training. It prepared me to be a Yoga Instructor, which is now such a huge part of my life. In the 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, though, there is so much material to be covered, and one thing I found I needed more background in was the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Along came Nancy & Liz’s online course! It was just what I needed to delve deeper into the 8 limbs, one by one, and really learn their true meaning and place in my life. The format and support was perfect! I have a much better sense of what the purpose of the limbs are in my life, and in my classes. I highly recommend the course, not only to teachers, but to anyone who really wants to learn the more spiritual aspects of Yoga, and how to integrate them daily.”

We hope you decide to take this step to deepen your practice and start to see yoga is so much more than moving on the mat!

Let the eight limbs be your life,

Nancy and Liz