Who we are

Who we are and how we live the eight limb life

blissfulbettyLiz Vartanian 

YogaMama::Baker::Writer/Blogger::Coffee Drinker
Practice to me is meditating over my warm cup of coffee in the morning, using pranayama when sitting in traffic or at the play ground, and getting in small movements when ever I get the chance.
The eight-limb//life, to me, is Samadhi in life’s small moments (especially on the sand or with a warm cup of coffee), keeping Santosha when my ego says “compare yourself to others”, and using Dharana (single minded focus) both chanting for myself and letting that focus be on my son. Yoga is in everything!

Find me off the mat at:

Liz V Yoga




orb Nancy Alder

Mom to elves, mystic, writer of words, seeker of truth, wanderer on the path.

My yoga practice consists of small moments on the mat and huge moments living off it.

Pratyahara  gives me back the space and stillness that is lacking in a busy mama life.  Satya reminds me to live what is true to me.  My students and sangha are the mirrors for my Svadhyaya. Santosha is coffee gelato and laughing effortlessly.   I find Samadhi in seashells, snowflakes and silence.

Find me off the mat at:

Flying Yogini






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